Blood Tests and Test Results

How do I find out my test results?


The easiest way to check your test results is online. Download the Airmid App or the NHS App to check your results, or log in to the NHS App on your computer. The old system, SystmOnline, is still available online if you prefer this.

SMS messages

We can now send SMS messages with patient’s consent to their mobile phones. This includes appointment reminders as well as test results. Please note, this will not be detailed information, but will normally include a short message if the doctor wants to let you know your results or if you need to contact the surgery to book an appointment following the test.

By Telephone

You can call our Patient Services Team to find out your results. Please help us by calling after 11am. Our team will be able to pass on any messages left by the clinician who checked your result, but will not be able to explain the results to you. We can arrange a doctor or nurse to call you back if you have further questions.

How long should I wait for my test results?

Most blood results come back within a week. However, some blood tests take longer to be processed by the laboratory, including tests for coeliac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Other types of tests, such as x-rays and ultrasounds, can take longer, depending on the hospital or clinic where you have the scan done.

The doctor or nurse who is ordering the test can usually tell you how long you should expect to wait for your results.

You can also check your record online to see if your results are back.

We will normally contact you about your test results if the results are not normal, or if the doctor wants to discuss something with you. We may not always contact you if the results are normal. We therefore recommend you check your results online if you can.

If you wish to discuss your results with a doctor, it is usually best to speak to the doctor who ordered the tests. Please tell our Patient Services Team which doctor you would like to speak to when booking an appointment to discuss test results, and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Our Blood Clinics

We offer four blood clinics a week, two at Woodlands on a Tuesday and Thursday, and two at Clerklands on a Wednesday and Friday.

To make an appointment please ring our Patient Services team on 01293 820833.

For our patients who have accessibility challenges, please contact our Patient Services team in your usual way, at our reception, using email or online.

Please note that all blood tests should have been requested by a Healthcare Professional. If you feel that you may benefit from having a blood test but it has not been discussed with a Healthcare Professional then please contact the surgery to arrange a consultation beforehand.

A phlebotomist wearing gloves feels a patient's arm to check for a vein

Blood Tests for Children

Unfortunately, we cannot provide blood tests at the surgery for children under the age of ten. Both East Surrey and Crawley Hospital provide blood test for children. If you go to a hospital for a blood test, you will need to bring a blood form with you. We can send these to you via text or email, or you can ask us to print a copy for you at the surgery.