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Important message to all Woodlands & Clerkands Patients Posted on 1 Jun 2020


Important message to all Woodlands & Clerklands patients. We are temporarily changing how we work to better protect our patients from coronavirus.

Opening times

Our opening times are changing to 0800-1830 and using the rear door.

Doctor Appointments

With effect from 30th March all new appointments will only be bookable on the day and will be conducted as a telephone appointment, which means a doctor will call you to discuss your health issue.  Where necessary the doctor may then arrange for you to come to the surgery for a face to face appointment.  Please DO NOT come to the Surgery unless a doctor has asked you to attend. If a doctor does ask you to come to the surgery, please wear a face covering if possible.

To book a telephone appointment please ring our Patient Services Team on 01293 820833.

For our patients who have accessibility challenges, please contact our Patient Services team in your usual way, at our reception, using email or on 01293 820833.

Blood Clinic

The Blood Clinic will continue but only for patients whose medical condition states it is an urgent requirement. 

We will no longer be operating a walk-in clinic and will require a pre-booked appointment within 7 days. 

To make an appointment please ring our Patient Services team on 01293 820833

For our patients who have accessibility challenges, please contact our Patient Services team in your usual way, at our reception, using email or on 01293 820833.

Nurse Clinics and Long Term Health Clinics

  • Child immunisation Clinics will continue as normal.
  • Baby immunisations will continue, however due to resources these will take place at Woodlands Surgery. 
  • Adult Immunisations are suspended for the moment.  A waiting list wil be created for anyone requiring these so that when we resume normal services patients who are on the waiting list will be given first priority.
  • Contraceptive services are continuing, however due to resources there may be a delay in getting appointments.
  • Smear Appointments will continue but only for those patients with an urgent need, routine smear tests are suspended until further notice.

 All long term condition health clinics are suspended until further notice.


We would like to encourage patients to submit repeat prescription requests online via SystmOnline or the NHS App.

Alternatively you can email your repeat prescriptions to (Woodlands patients) and (Clerklands patients).

If you are unable to do the above, you can continue to place a paper repeat prescription request in the allocated box in our Surgery Reception.

The practice has seen an increase in requests for repeat medications which as a practice we are actively discouraging.

We are already seeing similar situations in supplies in supermarkets and shops and this affects the whole supply system.

If widespread "stocking up" of medications occur, the supply chain will not cope and we could find ourselves in a situation like we are experiencing in supermarkets where we are having serious stock shortage issues.

We wish to assure our patients of the following:

  • There is emergency contingency planning in place to ensure that in the event of an outbreak, access to medical care and pharmacies will continue.
  • If a patient has to self-isolate it will only be for a maximum of 14 days.
  • GP surgeries will still be able to issue prescriptions and pharmacies will still be able to supply during this period. Many pharmacies can continue to deliver to patients.

We thank all our patients in advance for considering this before making their requests as this enables us to continue to deliver services effectively during these challenging times to all our patients.


During the Covid-19 emergency our GP practice, like the rest of the NHS, is prioritising patient care.  To minimise administrative work, we are requesting that you (and other members of your family) do not seek to re-register with another GP practice at this time.  You should only ask to register with a new GP practice if:

  1. You, and your family, have physically moved to a new house and are now living in a new GP practices area
  2. You have a new-born baby, or a newly adopted baby or child
  3. You are a first degree relative of a currently registered patient who has returned to live with their family
  4. You do not currently have a GP, and need to register with one

If you have moved to a new house, but remain within our GP practice area, please do not re-register with a new GP practice at the present time, even if you intend to do so in the future.

Please do not seek to register with a new GP practice unless one of these four reasons apply to you.


We are sorry but we anticipate our phones will be very busy. Our team are doing all they can to support your health issues and answer your queries as quickly as they can, during what is a very challenging time.  Please be patient and considerate.

We will continue to be open, however all arrivals at the surgery will be asked the NHS Coronavirus screening questions and where applicable you may be asked to leave the surgery and self isolate.

If you are worried about your own symptoms please go to the NHS 111 Coronavirus website first.

The Partners would like to thank you for your support.


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